Naive Consultants Pvt. Ltd

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Who we are...

We take a great pride in what we produce and create. Shared passion for design and creative Discovery breathes spirit into our endeavors. Our diverse mixture of ability, culture, experiences, and professional achievement add up to a dynamic environment.

At our group seasoned veteran and dynamic young talent under the guidance of Architect Rupa Bhaty

A curiosity-driven Practice
At our work place, our work begins by understanding our client's business, brand and mission. With a deep understanding of their challenges and the context in which they're competing, we combine the knowledge, expertise and talents of our teams to exceed their goals and set new standards. By bringing together the most talented people, our thought leaders help transform our clients into market leaders. In an immersive and collaborative process, we bring expertise to our clients and support them with locally-based, industry-specific teams. Together, we're helping our clients become leaders in their markets, across sectors that include
  • aviation + transit,
  • civic + cultural,
  • corporate + commercial,
  • healthcare + higher education,
  • science + technology and
  • sports + recreation
in the disciplines of architecture, branded environments, interior design, planning + strategies, preservation + reuse and urban design.