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Mr. Paul A. Folmsbee, Consul General, Consulate of the United States of America, Mumbai is highly impressed with the artistic work of Mrs. Rupa Bhaty and he considered it best collection and work featuring India and great cause to support too. Further, he expressed his gratitude for the noble cause for which exhibition has been organized.

A striking abstract design that says "creativity" at every Glance; An exhibition of contemporary art paintings at the holiday village resort creates a serene environment. Color and form from folk and mythologies are the subject of these abstract painting. It is completely non-representational. This approach to painting is also used to represent things that aren''''t visual, such an emotion, sound, or spiritual experience. There are no rules or conventions to follow, no need to make it resemble anything.

The artist is interested in shape not subject, in seeing things without the history of past associations and reactions. It has been experienced intuitively. Music of life on canvass, could just be analyzed, Representational art is like prose: it is clear what is being said, or at least the subject of the piece is apparent. Her Abstract art is more like poetry, which requires the recipient to look for symbolism, hidden meanings and to see what is not visible. Her abstract work reveals of, sense of balance, harmony, emphasis, spatial order, but also the mystery of what makes it all come together as a great work. She trusts her own intuitiveness and precognition of thoughts which purely comes to her naturally.

Her style reveals innovative approach to the ornamentation of her paintings in the midst of abstract figuratives with the freshness and newness of hues used. Paintings are bold manifestations and with spontaneous efforts, thus playing with less details, which goes with urbane culture of these days and could adorn open and semi open spaces.

There's soulfulness to her art. The vibrancy in her paintings has a stun giving visual and emotional effect, giving you a Buddha-like inner happiness. Be it the magnetic energy of bright and rustic colours that uplifts your mood or the magical metal babies on an installation bench with an old world charm, her work is about a return to innocence. I try to paint from a deep smile. "I believe that life doesn't have to be so serious, and art should be fun. I'm inspired by the innocence of Eyes. My art isn't sad or boring, but alive for thousands of years, because I paint like a child. Art is almost meditative for me.

Art to Ar. Rupa is not a painting on a canvass, but a living, vibrant thing that has a life of its own and impacts the space where it dwells. She loves to create works that are like a caffeine, a painting that may make you awe sprung, admired Amrita Shergill's vibrancy—this reflects in my intuitiveness as well, My aesthetic is now an organic part of me. I am fascinated by Eyes of Maa Kali. And durga more folk and regional mythologies.