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Ar. Rupa Bhaty, a Master of Architecture, widely experienced and talented professional, is the founder of NAÏVE Foundation and is the striking force behind this Foundation, With the strong backing of our technical soundness, capabilities, resources and confidence gained over efficiently undertaking and accomplishing quite a large number of project s as Architect, Interior Architect, Landscape Architect, Project Planner, Project Management Consultants and Furnishers.

The Native Associated Institute for Valued Environment (N.A.I.V.E) Foundation, Gandhidham is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), aimed to fulfil its objectives of Philanthropy. The Organization, founded by an Internationally recognized Architect of eminence – Mrs. Rupa Bhaty- has the patronage of eminent personalities like Architects, Engineers, Doctors, Chartered Accountants, ex. Civil Servants, Academicians, Social activists, Law makers, renowned Artists, Authors, Philanthropists and Industrialists. Mrs.Rupa Bhaty herself is the founder-President of the Foundation.