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AR. RUPA BHATY mission is to be the premiere global design firm, creating environments that inspire, that enhance, that impact experiences, Refine environment and reinforces the mind. she Emphasizes over Environments that improve lives.

At the root of our design process and practices is the one important element that drives our staff – passion. We care about the impact of the design and building industry on the environment, understanding the far-reaching implications of our work and the way it can change the lives of humans and other species that share the planet. We strive to make all of our decisions by considering the economic, social, and environmental consequences of each one. We've developed a set of design metrics that guide us as we practice our profession.

Ar. Rupa bhaty is actively engaged as a design principal on many projects firm wide, with a focus on the corporate /commercial and higher education market sectors. She is a strong proponent of interdisciplinary integration among the architects, engineers, landscape architects, and interior designers at NAIVE, and is leading the firm's Design Excellence Initiative. Her innovative designs and desire to create the best possible built environment engage clients and fellow designers alike.