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Ar. Rupa Bhaty, a Bachelor of Architecture, widely experienced and talented professional, is the founder of NAÏVE FOUNDATION AND NAÏVE CONSULTANTS and is the striking force behind this firm and Foundation. Presently, she is maneuvering an Architectural Consultancy, NAÏVE, and occupied in the service of the community, which was horribly struck by the Earthquake of 2001. She is widely recognized and accredited by the National and the International Professional Bodies. Mrs. Rupa Bhaty is a regular invitee to various international Institutions and Universities and Professional Bodies also. An architect needs to be master of several subjectial domains of architecture it prevails very correct with the versatile architect Mr. Rupa Bhaty . In a social context Ar. Rupa Bhaty always try to bring an awareness of Rights to Architecture amongst the citizen. It is her belief that Architecture is an objective tool with an obvious use. The concept of hierarchy of spaces and sculpture design gel with each other, this becomes a special context of consideration, which Ar. Rupa Bhaty masters. There are few Architects who do philanthropy work, Ar. Rupa Bhaty stands in those few.