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We possess expertise, capability, resources and confidence in undertaking Consultancy Services for Planning and Designing of the projects corresponding to the Vastu, anywhere in the country, independently. We are proud that in this region; we are the leading Consulting Architects. We are among the first few consultants who believe in LEED ARCHITECTURE. Widely dealing with
• LEED-NC: New commercial construction and major renovation projects
• LEED-EB: Existing building operations
• LEED-CI: Commercial interiors projects
• LEED-CS: Core and shell projects
• LEED-H: Homes
• LEED-ND: Neighborhood development

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, has been used for thousands of years to find and maintain good energy (chi) in a building to nurture its inhabitants. Feng Shui analysis and principles can be applied to an existing structure or, in the best case, prior to site selection and construction. "The energy, of the dragon will be dispersed by wind, and will stop at the boundary of water." Dragon energy represents good fortune and can be found in the mountains. This quote from ancient Chinese writings pertains to what you want to look for in a site, a place where the dragon energy stops and stays.

I selected this to also make a point. Many of the so-called "innovative" features we marvel at today are ancient methods of building. Fresh air, passive solar orientation, passive cooling and many other concepts have been in use for thousands of years. It is only the last generation of architects who have forgotten how to build in a natural way We there by try to incorporate the traditional and cultural systems of architecture , more or less study of the region in micro form and implement in the design to give justification to the lost architecture.