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The new Science and agriculture lab in Sardar Krushinagar Agriculture University, (SDAU) Complex is designed to support modern educational trends, such as small-group collaboration, hands-on learning, use of multimedia tools, smaller class sizes, and multidisciplinary approaches, while remaining flexible enough to respond to future pedagogical nnovations. The complex is comprised of one building: a 6,700-square- foot technology building and a 50,000-square-foot agriculture and horticulture science, engineering, building. The technology building houses facilities for the vocational training, including labs, museums, auditorium, test and other labs laboratories. The science facility includes chemistry, biology, physics, computer and CAD labs; and general classrooms. The science facility also includes a fitness center, aerobics studio, computer technology center, and a tiered lecture hall. The SDAU THARAD Complex promotes the sciences on campus; supports vocational training for students and workforce development for local businesses; and better connects the college with the surrounding business community. Situated adjacent to the existing academic building, it also provides a new gateway to the college and creates a student-friendly courtyard, encouraging a relationship between the college and the environment.Sustainable features of the LEED Silver Certified facility include a green roof, energy efficient systems, recycled materials, and daylight harvesting. In the SDAU Complex Ar. Rupa Bhaty's commitment to designing premiere educational facilities using innovative methods that produce exceptional results.