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Our planning process evaluates each project from a contextual point of view. From utilizing existing assets to planning for a sustainable future, we establish an integrated platform which provides a compelling vision and long-term strategies to guide development of the built environment.

Heritage & Tourism
AR. RUPA BHATY creates fresh approaches to managing significant historic, recreational, and natural resources. We also assist local governments and historic sites in crafting strategies for building heritage tourism. We have designed strategic plans for the future of nationally significant historic sites, FORTS AT NANI DAMAN with OIDC, and worked with complex stakeholder groups to build heritage tourism.

Housing & Neighborhoods
AR. RUPA BHATY specializes in revitalizing older neighborhoods and designing mixed-income, human-scale districts that support diversity and community.

AR. RUPA BHATY campus planning practice produce effective plans that guide institutions of higher learning into a competitive future by managing growth; addressing parking, vehicular and pedestrian circulation; identifying sites for future facilities; and deepening sense of place. The firm's closely related work on institutions & communities moves beyond the campus edge and helps academic, research, and other institutions—and their host communities—create mutually beneficial revitalization and development plans. We frequently structure innovative working partnerships that can sustain collaboration and communication long after our work ends.

Main Streets & Corridors
AR. RUPA BHATY plans lively mixed-use Main Streets and town centers, and charts new futures for commercial districts and urban corridors. Working with both public- and private-sector clients--and partnerships uniting both--we have produced practical visions, redevelopment strategies, and frameworks for cities. Real Estate Development AR. RUPA BHATY extensive portfolio balances private, mixed-use projects--we have planned a cumulative 15 million square feet of privately financed development--with complex private-sector assignments near Pipavah port, INDIA.